Chelsea Green made her debut on Friday Night Smackdown back in November of last year and was set to have a great run on the blue brand. Unfortunately for her, she suffered a wrist injury early on in the match and was on the shelf for months. Chelsea Green was one of several Superstars released by WWE earlier in the year as part of the COVID-19 budget cuts. Many fans felt she was not utilized well in WWE and wanted her to join a promotion where Green would be appreciated.

During her final run in WWE, Chelsea Green was largely unused, especially last year. It seems she also wanted to have cosmetic surgery during that time but WWE apparently didn’t let her do that.

While speaking on her Green with Envy podcast, Chelsea Green claimed that WWE rejected her request to get breast augmentation surgery on two separate occasions.

“I think I shocked them. I don’t know that they knew how to answer that. I had just been called up to the main roster, which for those of you who don’t know, that means I’ve just been called up to the big leagues. I have been called up to Raw or Smackdown. It was kind of a big deal to be called up to the main roster and then ask for time off, but I knew the trajectory of the next few months and I was not going to be on TV so I wanted to take this time to ask for my boob job.”


“Anyway, I got an email back and it said ‘no, we are going to use you on TV.’ Okay, well, that’s great, right. If I don’t get to get boobs, at least I’m going to be on TV, wrestling, doing my job, doing the thing I love. So, a couple of months go by, and I am not on TV. By this point, I could have got boobs and come back to work. So I won’t lie, I was a little pissed. You know, yeah, I could have got boobs. Yet here I am sitting at home on my couch with no boobs and not on TV. A little bit bitter. But that’s okay, I thought, it’s my time to try again. So I sent another email. To Whom It May Concern; I would like a breast augmentation. Please and thank you, sincerely; Boobless Chelsea Green. No, I’m kidding, but I mean it really was something like that, and I got no response that time.”

“But you know what, when you want something, you try, try, try again. So I sent another email out and this time I cc’d everybody. So, of course, then I did receive another response back again. [It said] ‘No, you cannot get boobs. We are going to put you on TV.’ Okay, okay, you know, they’ve told me this twice so now it must be my time. I’m going on TV. I don’t need boobs, it’s my time to be a wrestling superstar.”

Green recently made her return to Impact Wrestling at Slammiversary and before that, she appeared at ROH as well. She is also set to participate in the NWA EmPowerrr event on August 28th, so things are certainly looking up for Chelsea Green right now.

h/t to Fightful for the quotes.

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