WWE NXT referee Drake Wuertz has been linked to controversial right-winged opinions in the past. A new video of him during a public meeting has drawn considerable and concerning attention.

David Bixenspan shared a video of WWE NXT referee Drake Wuertz on a Zoom call with the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners. He took a very controversial and unfounded stance against having a mask mandate.

If you were at the WWE PC this evening and wondered why Drake Wuertz looked like he had been crying, that’s because he Zoomed into a Seminole County Board of County Commissioners meeting about mask mandates to spread the “child sex traffickers love COVID masks” conspiracy theory.

Drake Wuertz can be seen in the video arguing that a mask mandate “puts venerable children at risk for being preyed upon by traffickers,” because “non-verbal cues are often a first sign for distress.” He argued that masks cover those signs of distress and child traffickers love masks. He was also able to force out some tears in the process.

This is not the first time that Wuertz and his Q-Anon rhetoric has gained attention. Plenty of people are commenting on this today, and some are also of the opinion that the “facepalm” that NXT referee D.A. Brewer sent out was in relation to the video which you can find below.

Felix Upton

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