WWE released Zelina Vega from her contract, and according to Ryback that might have been illegal. The company changed their talents’ contracts, and that needs to be signed before it can be enforced.

Ryback opened up during his Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report where he spoke about how WWE Superstars likely sent Zelina Vega tons of supportive messages, but they won’t back her up publicly. He said that is a problem. Unionizing isn’t going to happen unless public solidarity can be established.

“I put out I support her and #F*ckWWE and that did decent. And I mean that because it really bothers me. because she’s super-talented… I get both sides of it and I never want to talk bad about wrestlers because we’re our own worst enemies. When you’re there and making that money, do I expect people to all of a sudden jeopardize that? The problem is – and this is what’s happened – she takes a stand and who else is with her? Nobody, nobody, nobody! That’s why I put that out, because it takes great courage to do that.”

“I guarantee you she got a message from probably the majority of the talent there commending her and saying how much they respect her. But they publicly won’t do a damn thing, and that’s the problem. Now if everybody that day and everybody in that company– if Roman said, ‘Guys, we’re not doing this anymore.’ And Drew, Drew the leader, right? A real leader would have done that and not just go with the flow. I love Drew and I love Roman, but you can’t count everybody because somebody’s gonna go tell the office, and that’s what happens.”


WWE holds a ton of power over their Superstars. Not only can Vince McMahon pull someone from television if they don’t fall in line, but he can also subject them to weeks of punishing and humiliating angles. Both of these things have been used as a means of control in the past. Firing a talent is always an option as well.

We’ll have to see what’s next in this situation, but WWE might have a very interesting 2021 as a new administration takes over with promises to investigate WWE’s policies.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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