WWE Seemingly Making Plans For Dominik Mysterio Without His Last Name

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Rey Mysterio’s son Dominik proudly owns his family’s last name, but WWE might be planning for him to drop it eventually.

We previously reported that WWE filed a copyright for “Dominick” on October 13th which isn’t how his name is spelled. They went back on October 14th and registered a new trademark on the next day with the correct spelling according to Heel By Nature.

WWE now has a copyright filing in for “Dominick” and “Dominik.” It’s interesting that they locked down both spellings. The correct spelling is “Dominik” which WWE has filed a trademark for as well.

Dominik Mysterio is presently giving no indication that he wants to drop his last name, but you never know if that could happen. There are a lot of stories left to be told with Dominik on the main roster and he might go through some of them as a single-named Superstar.

Rey Mysterio also filed a copyright for Prince Mysterio prior to Dominik’s in-ring debut. Dominik also revealed that there are still plans on the table for him to wear a mask like his father.

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