Rey Mysterio Wants Dominik To Wear A Mask & Wrestle As ‘Prince Mysterio’ In WWE


WWE has plans for Dominik Mysterio to face Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. We’ve already seen Dominik’s face, but there’s always the chance that a mask could still be in play.

While speaking to Sports Illustrated, Rey Mysterio said that they’ve talked about a mask fro Dominik. He also already has the name “Price Mysterio” copyrighted. He would love to pass down the lucha libre legacy with a mask to his son as well.

“We actually talked about it. He definitely has to continue with the Mysterio dynasty. It’s in his genes. I think we’re going to incorporate that eventually and create a good story so the fans can understand the rich history behind lucha libre and the masks.”

“I’ve always wanted to wear a mask mainly because of tradition. It’s important to keep that tradition going. Now with my face being out there, I think it would just have to be introduced a little bit differently so people understand. I definitely want to wear one, but it has to be introduced properly.”

They’ve already talked about the Prince Mysterio name, and Dominik apparently has gear for the persona.

Rey Mysterio received his name and identity as it was passed down from his uncle. Now Rey will have a chance to pass down the same legacy to his own son. We’ll have to see if WWE puts a mask on Dominik, but the name “Prince Mysterio” might be too good to pass up.

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