Why Benjamin Carter Signed With WWE


Benjamin Carter has apparently signed a contract with WWE. Neither party has made an official announcement, but the thought is that it is a done deal.

During The Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained the reason why Benjamin Carter decided to sign with WWE instead of AEW or Impact Wrestling. It came down to the current situation in the world.

The pandemic is still going on and indie wrestlers are not able to travel the globe as they once did. Wrestlers could previously work multiple shows all over the world and gain experience prior to going to WWE or another big company. Now they don’t have those options.

Miro voiced his sadness when they “lost Ben Carter to the Dark Side.” He was the first to break the news that WWE might have inked a deal with Carter. AEW was reportedly interested, and Carter had also very recently worked a match with Impact Wrestling.

It’s expected that Benjamin Carter will get a spot on NXT UK and become a performer there. It is always possible to jump brands in WWE so we’ll have to see if he ends up wrestling next to his trainer Seth Rollins on the main roster eventually.

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