Why Lana Missed WWE RAW This Week


Lana was not seen on RAW this week, but there is a reason for that. A lot of WWE Superstars weren’t able to make the show even if they were planned.

Ringside News exclusively reported that Vince McMahon called for total re-writes this week. This was due to a few things, and Superstars they were going to use were not available.

Lana’s husband Miro revealed that he has COVID-19. Lana’s parents also both have coronavirus which she has previously discussed. Her mother was released from the ICU and is now at home recovering.

WWE decided to keep Lana off television due to her possible contact with COVID-19. There has been no word that she tested positive, but WWE isn’t releasing that information, and they are forbidding their Superstars to reveal positive tests as well.

Hopefully, Lana will be able to make a return to WWE television soon. She was in a storyline with Natalya, but that seems to be in limbo. As previously reported WWE’s plans were to go with Natalya in a RAW Women’s Title program at SummerSlam if she was available. Since she’s not able to participate Shayna Baszler is likely getting that spot.

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