Lana was devastated to discover that both of her parents tested positive for COVID-19. Her mother was put in an ICU and is on oxygen. This blew her mind because they never leave their home.

She also FaceTimed her mother while she was in the ICU to keep her company. Now there is good news to report in this situation.

In an update on her YouTube channel, Lana provided some new information about her parents. Her mother is now off of the oxygen for over 24 hours. She’s out of the ICU, and now “in a hotel room.” There is also talk about releasing her today. “She’s not out of the woods yet,” Lana said.

Her father is on day 15 of his first symptom and he couldn’t get out of bed at all last week. “He was so weak,” and he thought it was pollen allergies. Her father is now doing better as well.

This is a serious time for a lot of people. Thankfully, Lana’s parents seem to be getting better. It sounds like neither of her parents have totally recovered from COVID-19, but they have made progress toward that direction.

Felix Upton

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