WWE Creative SCRAMBLING Backstage To Make Vince McMahon Happy With New RAW Plans

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WWE had a major production hold-up today during the television tapings for Raw. They are over an hour late getting started and things are very chaotic right now.

We exclusively reported that Vince McMahon called for a total re-write of tonight’s Raw. There was a plan this morning which also included the return for Mustafa Ali. Now we have no idea what to expect.

It was later reported that WWE’s television tapings were delayed. We have confirmed that they haven’t started taping, and we were also given more insight into the situation.

Ringside News was told by a creative team member who is currently at the Performance Center that they are re-writing a ton of things because Superstars are not there. We were also told “there’s also a lot of second guessing going on” and “no one is confident in any vision” as they are all “just looking to see what Vince doesn’t reject and then scrambling to appease Vince.”

We exclusively reported that the new mindset when pitching ideas to Vince McMahon is to get the job done quickly and get out before he bores with you, or worse, he gets upset.

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