WWE Gives Special Attention To The New Day’s Black Lives Matter Tribute

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Kofi Kingston and Big E entered the ring during WWE Friday Night SmackDown this week, but the they did not pose on the turnbuckles as they usually do. The New Day took a knee and raised their fists as a show of solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Big E and Kofi Kingston also wore armbands with the names of Shukri Abdi, Breonna Taylor, and Tamla Horsford written on them. All three of those people were killed by police and are brought up often as examples of why things need to change in America.

WWE posted a photo of Big E and Kofi Kingston raising their fists while kneeling. They also included two black fist emojis. This public acknowledgement by WWE certainly shows their support.

We previously noted that Dave Meltzer mentioned on Wrestling Observer Radio that Big E and Kofi Kingston likely wouldn’t have been permitted to demonstrate in such a way in the past. WWE’s public statement on the matter also made it clear that they are supporting their African American wrestlers and staff during this time.

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