WWE doesn’t want to do business with Vickie Guerrero anymore. She has not been invited to reunion and WWE stopped giving her podcast guest. All of this started after she appeared on AEW television.

During Grilling JR, the WWE Hall Of Famer brought up how WWE blackballed Vickie Guerrero over appearing on Dynamite. He called it “Mickey Mouse sh*t” and proceeded to explain why the action from WWE was so incredulous for him.

“How Mickey Mouse is that sh*t?  You’re going to take her off for being on a YouTube show?  Did she say anything disparaging regarding your brand? Not a damn word. You got to be sh*tting me.  That’s incredulous to me that we are even talking about that because you would think, that can’t be true Conrad.  Vickie would not have said she had been cut off, whatever that means.  What it meant was it probably she is just not going to get anymore bookings. She probably hasn’t been under contract for quite some time, but it is just childish.  I’m embarrassed to even think about how that was, after all she had gone through with that company.  She delivered the goods for three years.  She was a significant character on television as any new talent that WWE had in a long time.”

WWE has banned people in the past. Chris Benoit’s son David even told story about how he was banned from WWE over wearing AEW merch. He had to call Mark Carrano about it and fix things. Apparently, calling Carrano wasn’t something that Vickie Guerrero could do.


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Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

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