Kevin Dunn Sells Almost $1.5 Million Of WWE Stock

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WWE isn’t having the best time financially right now. They made some big cuts across the board. The stock improved slightly after the widespread company cuts, but it is not even half of what it once was when executives unloaded a ton of stocks.

Recent SEC filings show that WWE Executive Vice President of Television Production Kevin Dunn sold over $1 million shares on April 20th. At the time he sold 33,000 shares at $45.36 each. He pocketed around $1,496,000 in the transaction.

Kevin Dunn still owns 125,361 shares in the company. He has sold a lot of it over the past few years.

A recent lawsuit filed by WWE shareholders accused company executives of selling stock at an inflated price before the bottom dropped out. This also including keeping internal conflicts with Saudi Arabia a secret from investors.

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