WWE’s live event department was gutted following the widespread firing spree on April 15th. They don’t have any live events going on and Vince McMahon isn’t certain what they are going to do yet.

During WWE’s 1st quarter 2020 financial call, Vince McMahon addressed what the company is going to do following the novel coronavirus pandemic. He expressed doubt that they will be in the live event business anymore

“I don’t think we’re going to be in the live event business like we were before.”

McMahon stated that “there is a different learned behavior in terms of the consumer. If anyone can figure it out we will.” It’s doubtful that anyone will want to fill up a 50,000 seat venue any time soon. He is not rushing live events to return and is taking a realistic stance on things.

“It will be more content oriented, not live events,” McMahon said of WWE’s future. The typical content WWE produces will obviously need to change. “It is a creative environment is the way I look at it.” McMahon is confident that they will thrive when forced to be creative.

When it comes to how everyone will come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vince McMahon had the following to say: “I don’t want to comment on the future of the country, but I just know we’re going to do well.”

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