Another Released Superstar Plays Off WWE Gimmick With New Merch


WWE released a lot of on-air talent last week. Over one hundred over staff lost their jobs too which is always important to remember. A few of those released Superstars have already got to work on their post-WWE careers.

Heath Slater released a pretty funny parody t-shirt saying “I GOT FIRED.” Drake Maverick also released a Spud: 24/7 t-shirt. We can’t forget about Zack Ryder’s “NOT THERE” t-shirt. Now another former WWE Superstar is putting their merch on PW Tees.

No Way Jose was cut along with so many others. His new t-shirt has a hologram design and says: “YES WAY” in big letters. He has changed his social media to Levis Valenzuela Jr, his real name.

You can check it out below. Odds are these recently released WWE Superstars will keep doing what they can while waiting for the indie wrestling scene to open back up again.

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