EC3 Makes A Few Things Clear After WWE Release


EC3 was released from WWE along with so many others. Some Superstars might want to jump on a podcast or talk about their time in WWE. That’s not EC3’s game.

Ethan Carter III already addressed his WWE release in a video statement. Now he has even more to say.

The former WWE Superstar jumped on Twitter to make it clear that he’s not doing podcasts, interviews, or autograph signings. He’s doing his own this at this point and we just have to deal with it.

No. I will not do your podcast.⁣

No. I will not do an interview for your website.⁣

No. I am not interested in doing your autograph signing in eight months.⁣

For the first time, in a long time…⁣

I control the narrative now.⁣

EC3 seems to be reinventing his character and choosing his own direction. Odds are we won’t be hearing him on any podcasts or doing any interviews. Let’s see where this new attitude takes him.

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