EC3 Drops Video Promo Warning The Wrestling World After WWE Release


EC3 was released from WWE today. He also apparently got a haircut. He dropped a video promo that was a long time coming as he warned the pro wrestling world.

WWE released EC3 along with 19 other on-air talent today. The company made all of those cuts to save $8 million a year in salaries. EC3 wasn’t being used by the company and now he looks more than ready to get back out there when the time is right.

ec3 character synopsis⁣⁣
Created by a perfect storm of frustration, angst, restraint, solitude and the sense of losing everything, the character of ec3 forced himself to consider the inconceivable.⁣⁣
That he was defeated.⁣⁣

This was a pretty straight-forward promo. It seems like he had those words ready to go for quite a while. Hopefully, we will get a chance to see what EC3 can do soon enough. Until that day happens, we will wait patiently and do whatever we can to ensure that the COVID-19 spread is stopped.

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