Roman Reigns’ Status Currently A Mystery For WWE Higher Ups

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Roman Reigns decided against working WrestleMania 36. There is no backstage heat on Roman Reigns, but his status is still a bit unclear.

Reigns showed up to WrestleMania 36 with the intention of wrestling Goldberg. Then The Miz turned out to be sick and this caused a chain reaction which eventually led to Reigns making the decision to leave.

The Big Dog released a video message explaining why he skipped WrestleMania. He said that fans don’t know the entire story. He also said that he’s had time to think about how he wants to be treated because he’s got nothing but time right now.

“Got nothing but time to think about the past and what’s going on right now, especially the future and things I wanna do. How I wanna act, how I wanna be treated. All that.”

Roman Reigns’ status is unclear at this time. WWE is filming another run of television tapings this week into next week. Even WWE higher ups apparently don’t know what is going on with Reigns.

When asked if Roman Reigns is going to be on WWE television at all for the remainder of the year, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter writer replied with a very uncertain response.

No idea. I’ve asked and even people high up in WWE don’t know.

Roman Reigns has a weakened immune system due to leukemia. His leukemia is in remission, but it still opens the door for a lot of complications if he is exposed to COVID-19. Hopefully, Roman Reigns will make a return soon, but it’s unclear at this time.

Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think about this situation. Do you blame Roman Reigns at all? How would you book him or explain his absence on television?

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