Drew McIntyre’s WWE contract was up for renewal, sparking uncertainty about his future. Thankfully, he decided to stay, with The Rock announcing the news. However, The Rock’s attempt to take credit for McIntyre’s decision raised eyebrows.

Contemplating his options as his contract expiration loomed, McIntyre’s allegiance to WWE remained committed, as many fans anticipated. This loyality manifested when Drew McIntyre finalized a new agreement with WWE.

What added a twist to McIntyre’s contract renewal was The Rock’s announcement, adding an extra layer of importance to the occasion. Speculation swirled regarding The Rock’s potential influence on McIntyre’s decision to stay with WWE. However, McIntyre clarified that The Rock played no part in his contractual affairs.

During an appearance on the Pat McAfee show, McIntyre shed light on his contract extension, praising Nick Khan and Triple H for their supportive stance during negotiations.


“At the top, there are a lot of things going on, a lot of opportunities if you get to the top. I’ve been to the top and whatever people are trying to stop me getting to the top, it’s not gonna happen. If you try to politic your way ahead of me, I’ll just beat you down and I’ll get myself ahead of you. I’m too big and wise and that’s why I’m staying with WWE for the foreseeable future. I wasn’t gonna go anywhere, if anyone was unsure reading those internet rumors, we were just in a place where I just had to get things right with my family. I got with Nick Khan and Triple H, they were so understanding.”

Ringside News delved further, seeking insights into The Rock’s involvement in McIntyre’s WWE recommitment. Sources revealed that despite Triple H’s pivotal role in renegotiations, The Rock attempted to bask in the glory of securing McIntyre’s continuation with WWE. It was noted that while Triple H diligently worked on the contract minutiae, The Rock swooped in, eager to seize credit, inadvertently overshadowing Triple H’s contributions.

”McIntyre made sure everyone knew he did his deal with Triple H and because of Triple H, not because of The Rock. The Rock tried to take credit for it.”

Additionally, Ringside News exclusively reported The Rock’s manipulation of WrestleMania 40 rehearsal times to suit his schedule, adding to his lore of behind-the-scenes maneuvers. Given The Rock’s history, fans might not find these revelations surprising.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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