WWE Superstars Told To Wear Face Masks At Performance Center Tapings

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WWE isn’t taking any chances with COVID-19. They were apparently very pleased with the way they handled the last set of Performance Center tapings so they’re keeping the same protocol.

TMZ reports that WWE Superstars received an email from the company notifying them of measures that will be taken for the next set of television tapings.

We’re told WWE honchos were so happy with the way things went down at WrestleMania over the weekend, they plan on using a similar protocol for the upcoming events including “SmackDown” on Friday and “Raw” on Monday.

It was said that everyone entering the WWE Performance Center will have their temperature taken. It is suggested that anyone coming to the PC needs to show up early as it could take some time.

It was also suggested that all WWE Superstars wear face masks. If they don’t have one then instructions were given on how to craft one.

Once inside, everyone is encouraged to wear a face mask — and if you can’t get one, make one!

Some sewing fabric, a bandanna, or an old t-shirt sleeve was suggested to make a face mask. Now WWE Superstars can make use of those t-shirt sleeves they keep cutting off to make tank-tops. It is interesting that WWE isn’t providing masks to Superstars.

The report also noted that WWE Superstars were told to remove their face masks when they’re on camera.

We previously reported several specifics regarding how the company plans to tape a month’s worth of content in the next week. They also plan to record in “waves” to make sure that they don’t exceed CDC suggestions.

WWE is planning to use ultraviolet lights in between each taping. They will also be changing out all of the ring dressing and cleaning each surface with disinfectant cleaner.

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