Kofi Kingston Reveals If WWE Monitors Superstar Social Media Accounts

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Social media changed a lot for WWE as they now proclaim 1 billion social media followers. Of course, they figured out a loophole to include their own Superstars in that number which means one fan can count for every WWE related account they follow.

It is still remarkable how much story WWE can accomplish on social media. While speaking to Muscle & Fitness, Kofi Kingston was asked if WWE monitors his social media activity. He said that at one point WWE did control things, but now it seems like at least he has more creative control.

“No, no, definitely not. At one point, it kind of was. But then people kind of have — social media is great because you can control where you want your character to go. A lot of times on television, you don’t have control over where storylines are going to go. But you can control what you sound like on social media.”

WWE Superstars have given their passwords to WWE’s social media team in the past. At least a few of them have received this treatment. The company might like to deny that, so this seems to be an on-going question.

From the look of things, WWE Superstars do run their own accounts, but you also never know when a tweet could have been suggested by the company to further an ongoing angle.

Thanks to 411 Mania for the quote

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