The Undertaker defeated Goldberg at WWE Super ShowDown, but that’s not the whole story. Because much of the drama occurred after the contest was over where the face of WCW could have sustained concussion.

Goldberg commented on how he let the fans down after his Saudi Arabia match. He also took little jab at those like Matt Riddle who were happy that he didn’t perform at a high level.

Dave Meltzer commented on Goldberg vs The Undertaker during Wrestling Observer Radio. He opened up about how Goldberg felt about this performance, but it seems that the IWC got under his skin as well.

“The Goldberg match it ended up being a disaster and Undertaker was pissed and I’m sure Bill [Goldberg] was real disappointed. I mean he’s mad enough that he’s at least — I think the thing that got him was I guess he must have seen enough of the social media and I think it really bothered him that people gloated at it. You know what I mean?”


“You know because he knows about other criticism, but I think the idea is that ‘I got knocked out, I had a sh*tty match.’ It’s like, okay I know I did — it sucked, you know, but now people are happy about it and that’s really kinda bad, but that’s just the real world too, unfortunately.”

Goldberg might not be too happy about how his match in Saudi Arabia ended, so he could always want to make it up and have another go in the ring.

He is said to have mileage left in him and you never know if this could just be the first appearance to jump-start few more much like 2016’s Survivor Series when he destroyed Brock Lesnar. This set up an eventual WrestleMania program out of the blue which ruined a WrestleMania promise Vince McMahon made to Chris Jericho that he would be competing in the main event with Kevin Owens that year.

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