Matt Riddle is no stranger to speaking his mind and when he saw the main event of WWE Super ShowDown he just had to say something.

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Goldberg was busted open pretty early in his match against The Undertaker. This is something that Riddle trolled him pretty hard with, but it wasn’t until Goldberg slapped on a kneebar that Riddle really got mad.

Awesome job bro, you’re already bleeding and the match hasn’t even started


He said “keep it up, you’re making me mad bro,” in an Instagram message to the former face of WCW regarding the kneebar. Obviously Matt Riddle wasn’t invited to WWE Super ShowDown or he would have delivered that message in person.

Then Riddle sent out another video where he said, “Goldberg you lived up to the hype yet again. You are absolutely the worst wrestler in the business, bro.”

It looks like Matt Riddle wasn’t too impressed with The Undertaker and Goldberg’s performance. We have to admit that they at least did more than some thought they would. Still, it left much to be desired, but possibly this match should have only happened if it could have taken place twenty years ago.

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