Goldberg failed to defeat The Undertaker at WWE Super ShowDown, but the match could have been much different. In fact, Goldberg might have needed to allow the referee to end the match as soon as he knocked himself silly with that turnbuckle blow that left his face covered in blood.

This spot and the scary Tombstone afterward might have resulted in concussion for Goldberg as well.

The Undertaker even hinted that he understands that WWE needs to let him simply retire “in peace” by liking a comment which stated this fact. It drew a lot of attention because it was like The Dead Man openly agreeing with the statement without having to say it himself.

Bill Goldberg lost at WWE Super ShowDown, however, Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that this shouldn’t have been WWE’s decision because between him and The Undertaker, Goldberg is the man who has more gas in the tank.


“There’s still mileage in Bill whether it’s Bill against Lars Sullivan which now I wouldn’t say that because now it’s ridiculous. It wasn’t ridiculous 24 hours ago, but right now it is.”

“Just whatever, Bill against any heel. It just, you can come in and he can be that guy coming out of retirement two or three times a year. I know he didn’t draw a rating on Tuesday, but he still had it. He really had it. This hurt him, of course, but that didn’t happen either and believe me I didn’t think for one split second that Vince was gonna change that finish, but I also knew 100% that Bill should have won the match and it’s not like amazing because we’re in 2019 and the reason that Bill had to lose and the reason no matter what happened on Tuesday and you look a the future and it’s like who’s got more mileage left it’s clearly Bill. He looks younger, he talks younger just everything about it is because Bill Goldberg and they even said it — he was the face of WCW. He represents WCW and it’s just like ‘Oh my god he’s getting pinned clean.’ Whatever, he should have won because he’s got more mileage left of the two.”

Meltzer also noted that the Super ShowDown was “worse than most WCW events” and the worry is there that WWE might be getting closer to being “WCW bad.” It’s not as bad as some of the later stories WCW put on, but it might be getting close. Still, WWE’s booking needs some work and that’s no secret.

We might see Goldberg in the ring again because he did comment that he feels as though he let his fans down. Therefore, Goldberg might want to come back and make it up to the WWE Universe.

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