Becky Lynch Is Trying Really Hard To Get Beth Phoenix’s Attention For A Fight

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Becky Lynch has been trying really hard to get Beth Phoenix’s attention. She knows The Man vs The Glamazon would be a money match and she really wants to make it happen.

Edge has gotten involved in this war of words with Becky Lynch, but nothing has become physical just yet. However, Lynch would certainly like to change things.

The Rated R Superstar is retired and he can’t wrestle again nor should he risk it. His wife and fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Beth Phoenix might be ready to go though and she could always come back for another big match.

Becky Lynch tried to say that she was trying to get Phoenix’s attention during her back-and-forth with Edge, but now she’s making sure that Beth really gets the message.

The Man updated her Twitter profile with a personalized message for Beth Phoenix. Needless to say, this is a very entertaining profile update.

Beth, psst, over here. I think I broke your husband. If you’d like to fight me and make some money my email is: [email protected]

She might have broken Edge, but maybe this could be settled in the ring. This could be very entertaining and if WWE were to throw another all-female pay-per-view we could really picture Becky Lynch vs Beth Phoenix in a marquee match.

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