Pac is not performing at AEW’s Double Or Nothing event. He couldn’t come to a creative agreement so his match against Hangman Page was taken care of over the weekend and will be available online for free very soon.

Being the first recently released WWE Superstar to show up in AEW didn’t seem to matter for Pac. He entered AEW as Dragon Gate’s Open The Dream Champion proclaiming that he was already a champion when he showed up during AEW’s first Jacksonville rally. At the time they were teasing an AEW World Championship match. Now it looks like he might not actually have an AEW match at all now.

It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that AEW did pay for Pac vs Hangman Page. However, their Double Or Nothing match is not going to happen because Pac didn’t want to lose a future match to Kenny Omega.

Pac was going to defeat Hangman Page, but as Dave Meltzer said this creative disagreement might mean that Pac will never officially work a match for The Elite.


“Will they use [Pac] going forward? You know, not now. Will it happen later? There’s no guarantee that they ever will. I mean there’s no guarantee. If he loses the championship [in Dragon Gate], will they talk and bring him in if he wants it and they want it? Absolutely, there’s no… I don’t want to say that there’s no negativity towards it, but it’s not like close to insurmountable or even anything close to that. It’s you know, if they are able to book him you know where he wins some and loses some as it pertains — as it will be with everyone they’ll do that.”

“If they are handicapped and he can never lose, it’s just — they are not going to do enough draws and DQ finishes to be able to book someone who will never lose unless they’re doing a guy they’re doing a never lose streak with and then that guy eventually has to lose too so that’s what this is all about. That’s the deal.”

Pac got along with WWE writers when he was Neville, however, he did blow up at Vince McMahon and have a straight-up shouting match with him before walking out of the company.

It would be nice to see Pac wrestle in AEW since such a big deal was made about his appearance at their first rally. However, few people seem to remember that as much as Chris Jericho closing out the show in a big way while proclaiming that AEW is set to “change the universe.”

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