Silver King sadly passed away during Lucha Libre World event in London on Saturday night. It was actually the second match he worked on the card that night. This was tragedy, but it could have been avoided in a lot of people’s opinion.

As video was released of this fatal match, fans drew immediate attention to the fact that the contest continued even after Silver King was not responsive. Both the referee and his opponents are veterans of pro wrestling as well which puzzled and enraged fans even more.

Emotions ran wild and longer video of the match shows even more questionable actions during this match’s crucial ending. Not only did they continue with the match and roll an unconscious Silver King over for a pinfall, but Juventud celebrated his win after the match. Then they finally gave Silver King attention while he laid there motionless the entire time.

When it was obvious that Silver King was not getting up and wrestlers rushed the ring an intermission was called for the event. This is when the longer video cuts off. However, you can clearly see that a kick from Juventud Guerrera was the final move that the legendary Silver King took before his passing.


This kick from Guerrera was a “worked kick” because he slapped his leg, but contact was made. It is unknown whether this last kick was the deciding factor in Silver King’s passing, but we will hopefully have an exact cause of death soon.

In the meantime, the internet is still enraged at how this situation was handled, especially by the referee. You can check out a number of responses to the longer video below. It is hard to argue with some of the points they made.

“FIRST AID!!!!!! This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen! He’s in cardiac arrest, literally dying in the ring for minutes before the ref or anyone comes to his aid and even then NO ONE PERFORMS CPR!!!?! This organisation needs to have their wrestling license revoked!!! RIP Silver King”

“I can’t believe how long the ref stood over top of him without even checking for a pulse or a breath of air.”

“No medical help for all that time as well no sense of urgency. Wow”

“An ineptitude of medical service and inexperience of the referee.”

“He could have been alive if they were trained properly. The minute things didn’t go as planned they should have checked on him. Stupid ref and stupid of Juventud not to check either.”

“This is awful. Juvi didn’t even figure out when he couldn’t roll Silver King over that something was wrong? Seriously?”

“The referees d wrestling are a sh*t, should be more trained and that is the same as boxing do not nurse, they go from berga rip silver king”

“The negligence and lack of training here is appalling. Not 1 person attempted CPR. You can tell the man was in total distress, 33 seconds in you can tell something is not right. RIP.”

“That ref is a disgrace. He never once checked on him. You can hear them say when the other wrestler comes back in the ring ‘that he is dead'”

“anyone else expected the X sign for medics ? Smfh”

“Juventud is an experienced wrestler who must be in the business for the past 20 years at least BUT still he didn’t realize that something was clearly wrong with his opponent is shocking & forget CPR, that untrained referee didn’t even have a clue what was going on.”

“Jesus Christ why didn’t the ref check him straight away when he was lying dead in the ring. Very sad, rest in peace.”

“Wtf did I just witness Absolutely shocked that this was allowed too happen in the uk, no medical professionals at hand and how dumb is that ref and fighter that took so long to work out that something was seriously wrong, I think I noticed straight away when he didn’t get up the first time and they just left him on the canvas, just absolutely speechless in 2019 that something like this can still happen after the Watson and Mclellan fights, quick medical help should be available ringside immediately. Will this country ever learn from past”

“This is what happens when you just let your buddy with no training hang out in the ring and pretend to be a ref. Given the delayed 3 count, it’s obvious Juventud wasn’t supposed to win. At that point, the ref should’ve immediately called for medical if not even before that when he’s just squatting down looking at his body.”

“What the hell took so long that’s ridiculous obviously he wasn’t doing too damn good he wasn’t following the script come on now”

“The ref and staff left him to die, if a defibrillator had been used instead of standing around like shocked children, he might be still be alive.”

“Please never let that ref inside of an arena again. Ban the idiot from ever even watching wrestling again. Astounding.”

“Wow this is really bad I get the wrestler being in the moment but the ref and people in the back gotta be on top of this it was blatantly obvious something was wrong the second guy collapsed after the pin. Went limp and still let the other wrestler prance around while guys on the floor dead.”

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