Sasha Banks Surprises Fans With WrestleMania Photo

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Sasha Banks and Bayley were said to be not too happy about losing the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania. The Boss reportedly told WWE that she wanted to quit and although Bayley did not ask to leave she did reportedly partake in some protests with Banks.

The Boss is currently on vacation in the Dominican Republic and having a great time, but she is still able to post on social media. Bayley tweeted back a reply to Becky Lynch who was wanting to fight Banks and Sasha retweeted Bayley’s response. Then Banks posted a picture from WrestleMania that surprised some fans.

Banks revealed a photo of The Boss n Hug Connection with The IIconics after the title switch at WrestleMania. They were all smiles as Banks included a comment of “#WomensWrestling” and it looks like this message was read loud and clear by the IIconics if you look at the comments as Billie Kay already commented back with a few heart emojis.

To be fair, if Banks is still upset it’s not at Billie Kay or Peyton Royce because they were just doing their jobs. The frustration is reportedly with WWE so this might not be a concrete sign that she’s over her issues with Vince McMahon and the way he runs his company.

This is certainly an indication that there is no bad blood between herself and the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. At least that’s good to know.

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