Sasha Banks is a very interesting subject of conversation right now. It appears that she is having a lot of issues with WWE and tried to quit over WrestleMania weekend.

Bayley and Banks were also reportedly making quite a show around WrestleMania weekend. Now Brad Shepard is reporting that a source in the company told him that Banks informed WWE that she wouldn’t be back next week.

According to a source in #WWE, Sasha Banks told someone in the company she would not be coming in next week, and they were unable to convince her otherwise at the time of the conversation. I‘ll have more on this story which hasn’t been reported on this coming week’s

Next week is the WWE Superstar Shake-Up. So to miss that show might not be the best thing at all. This could be another indication of how things are between Banks and WWE.

Hopefully, they can work something out. In the meantime, it seems that Sasha Banks isn’t happy in WWE and that’s not appearing to change.

Harry Kettle

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