AEW Making Big Plans For Television Show This Fall

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All Elite Wrestling is gearing up to be an impressive operation and even though some still might doubt a company that has yet to prove themselves, there is still plenty to see. The signing of Jim Ross was a big deal for them which means a television show is on the way as well. Now fans are waiting for the official announcement.

Jim Ross has confirmed that AEW will be starting on a major network in the fall, but we’re not exactly sure when or where they will air the show.

Dave Meltzer was recently asked about AEW’s plans when it comes to taping their show or airing it live. The plan is to go live right now which could be a huge task for the new company.

If AEW goes live then that means that they can’t tape entire shows at one time. It will also mean that they could be touring sooner than later. We will have to wait and see, but this is a very interesting piece of information.

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