Elias Says He Is Over Having His Concerts Interrupted

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Elias is accustomed to being introduced with “Ladies and gentlemen… Elias” followed by someone cutting into his stage time. This has become such a recurring segment that fans are shocked if he ever completes an actual song.

TMZ caught up with The Drifter on the streets of NYC. He has been appearing in vignettes hyping a big WrestleMania concert for weeks and naturally everyone is wondering who will interrupt him at Mania. If you ask Elias, he is sick of being cut short.

“Yeah, they get some sort of kick out of it. And I can tell you I’m over the interruptions, man, I’m totally over it. John Cena is in New York, good for him. I’d rather not see him the whole time I’m here, that’d be great. But yeah, as far as WrestleMania goes, I’ve got it in writing that it’s not going to be interrupted. Contract. WWE, they hired me to be the headlining musical act, no interruptions.”

Let’s just wait and see if Elias actually get to strum his guitar at WrestleMania. It appears that he could have a little bit of time in the ring seeing how WWE has 7 1/2 hours to kill for the show, but it’s very likely that his wish will not be granted because someone’s probably going to end his concert prematurely.

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