Ronda Rousey To Becky Lynch: ‘Lawyer Up B*tch’

Ronda Rousey keeps throwing bombs at Becky Lynch on social media. Last night she sent a scathing message to Becky Lynch saying that The Man’s armbar made it look like she was grabbing a man’s member and then she flat-out said that she will “beat the living sh*t” out of Becky Lynch when they see each other again.

WWE is not so happy about the content of Rousey and Lynch’s tweets. After all, they are a company that runs TV-PG content. So don’t expect to see Michael Cole going over those tweets in a slideshow on RAW.

Rousey double-downed today on Twitter and advised that Becky Lynch get some legal representation as well. Because if Becky Lynch plans to sue Rousey, she can afford it.

Lawyer up bitch, you’re about to have plenty to sue me for #icanaffordit #worthit

This is very interesting and could point toward Paul Heyman’s involvement in this online angle even more. We will have to wait and see what happens on RAW this week. With Charlotte Flair promising to show up and claim the RAW Women’s Title that Rousey left laying on the mat last week, The Man could always come around and set up a WWE Fastlane match that they were already promoting in the local markets.

Written by Felix Upton

Boom goes the dynamite!

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