WWE SmackDown Live Results – February 5th, 2019

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The Usos cut a fire promo backstage on Shane McMahon and The Miz where they called themselves the best in the world in so many ways.

Randy Orton vs Mustafa Ali 

Randy started this match out by applying a severe beating on Ali. Then he got Ali outside and Orton did a suplex on the table. Mustafa bounced off and Orton ran right around to continue the beating.

Ali kicked out once they got in the ring. This is even worse for Mustafa Ali because he is currently working through an injury. So the powerslam from Orton couldn’t have felt good.

They made their way to the top. Then Orton hit a superplex on Ali for a two count. This was all Randy Orton and Mustafa Ali taking a beating so far.

Ali fought out of a headlock and hit a dropkick. Orton rolled out of the ring and Orton tried to suplex him on the desk again, but Ali flipped around and landed on his feet. Mustafa did a crossbody block over the announce table on Randy and they returned to the ring.

Ali nailed a few kicks and Randy was down on his knees. Then Mustafa went for a spear through the roped, Randy blocked it and Ali hit him with a kick. Then Ali hit a facebuster for a two count.

Orton tried for an RKO, but Ali hit a DDT for a close two count. Then Ali climbed up, but Orton pulled him down and hit an RKO in midair for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

Samoa Joe choked out Randy and then he tossed Ali out of the ring. So he made a statement there.

Then Daniel Bryan walked out to see what was going on. Erick Rowan walked out and Samoe Joe strolled up to them and walked past Rowan before leaving.

Promo Time

Daniel Bryan was in the ring when we came back from commercial. It was promo time. The crowd chanted for Daniel Bryan a lot and he said, “Finally I get to talk to people who understand what I’m trying to do here.”

They are in Washington State and they love their native son Daniel Bryan. Bryan was extremely over. He was very good how he insulted everyone else while saying that the Washington crowd was on his side.

Bryan said he is fighting an uphill battle. Then he held up his new title and said this is why he created it. He said it was a symbol for people to rally behind. He said the old WWE Title a symbol of excellence and excess. Then he said his new title is a symbol of change.

Rowan said great thinkers like Bryan and himself are considered dangerous because they have ideas. They especially fear Bryan because he holds the title. The crowd started throwing in “What” at Rowan and Bryan said, “How dare you what my good friend Rowan.”

Then Bryan said he is the Planet’s Champion and the crowd loved it. Bryan said he should be in the Elimination Chamber, because he’s been there before. He knows what it takes and then he showed a highlight reel of past EC matches.

Bryan said the ignorant masses needs him as WWE Champion and so does the planet. If anyone else wins the title they will revert it back to the past. The crowd cheered for him the entire time. Then he left with Rowan and his wooden title.

Jeff Hardy was backstage watching what Daniel Bryan had to say. Then AJ Styles walked up to him and had something to say. They are hyping this Elimination Chamber match. It might not headline though considering the fact that they are crowning new champions in the other chamber match. I wouldn’t blame WWE for going for the home run that is the WWE Title match tho.

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