Sami Zayn has been riding the wave of success as a top attraction for WWE for the last two years. However, he was recently dissed by an old rival who got the ball rolling for Zayn’s skyrocketing popularity and success following that, Johnny Knoxville.

The Jackass star who brought his whole crew alongside him competed against the former Conspiracy Theorist at WrestleMania 38 in an ‘Anything Goes Match’ with Johnny Knoxville handing an embarrassing loss to Sami Zayn in Dallas, Texas two years ago.

During a recent interview, Johnny Knoxville was asked about his return to professional wrestling. He took the opportunity to snub Sami Zayn over his loss against him and stated that he would do it all over again despite acknowledging that Sami was a good guy now.

“Oh you mean smash that lowdown and dirty Sami Zayn in his face again? I would love to, anytime. Anytime WWE and Sami Zayn, I would love to smash your face in again. I know he is a good guy now, everyone says he is a good guy but I’m like oh please.”


The current WWE Intercontinental Champion took notice and labeled Johnny Knoxville as an unhealthy man via his X.

“Johnny Knoxville is a deeply unhealthy man.”

Sami Zayn is currently embroiled in a rivalry with his former friend Chad Gable, who betrayed him at the end of their title match on RAW two weeks ago with the possibility of another showdown looming.

As for Johnny Knoxville, it would be interesting to see this rivalry renewed once again, this time with the WWE Intercontinental Title hanging in the balance and Sami Zayn trying to avenge an embarrassing moment of his life.

Do you want to see Sami Zayn vs Johnny Knoxville Part Two in WWE? Sound off in the comments!

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