John Cena Not Likely To Appear Again For WWE Until WrestleMania

John Cena has one big movie project after another. He is currently in Canada filming a new movie called “Playing With Fire.” The film officially starts filming today and Cena is a star of the picture.

Being the star in a movie means that you don’t get a lot of time off. Cena left WWE in quite an interesting way this time around too. He was supposed to have an angle with Lars Sullivan, but that didn’t happen for obvious reasons.

Now Cena is filming another movie and he is booked solid until April 1st when the shooting wraps. While it isn’t impossible that Cena could film a pre-taped segment or selfie promo on the road to WrestleMania he isn’t likely to make any actual events.

“Playing With Fire” doesn’t stop production until April 1st which is a Monday. More importantly, that Monday is the date for the go-home WrestleMania Raw.

Cena could still appear at WrestleMania on April 7th, but WWE needs to figure out how to book a program for him in the meantime without having him around.