WWE Apparently Not Pulling AEW Merchandise Off Television Anymore

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WWE has some competition on the way in All Elite Wrestling and they have been seen taking the shirt off of fans’ backs at live events. Security was spotted making one fan take off his AEW shirt at ringside during the Royal Rumble and since then the video went viral.

It seems like WWE is getting lax on their rules about AEW merchandise or they simply missed one. Because one brave fan was seen sitting ringside at SmackDown Live sporting an AEW logo t-shirt. This is the same shirt that another fan had to take off on Sunday.

Fans wearing AEW merch were told they weren’t allowed into the building in Jacksonville after AEW’s first rally where Chris Jericho was the main attraction. WWE later changed their minds and then started denying that it happened even though there was a video of that as well.

Fans were also told during Royal Rumble Axxess to hide their All Elite Wrestling hats by tipping up the bill of their hats.

We will have to wait and see if this becomes a trend. As you can clearly see, at least this fan made it into SmackDown Live with his AEW merchandise.

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