WWE Asking Fans To Hide All Elite Wrestling Merch During Royal Rumble Axxess

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WWE is well aware of the fact that All Elite Wrestling is gaining steam. Previously they told fans in Jacksonville that they weren’t allowed to sport AEW merch while in the arena… then they changed their minds about that one.

It seems like WWE is still aware of their crowd and don’t want AEW merch on camera. During Royal Rumble Axxess, some fans showed up wearing All Elite Wrestling merchandise and WWE had a simple request for them.

WWE is asking fans to “tilt up” their AEW hats so they can’t be in photos. This is happening during the Superstar meet and greets. It’s only logical because a WWE Superstar being seen in a shot with someone rocking AEW merch might give off the wrong impression.

This won’t stop All Elite Wrestling from continuing no matter how much WWE wants to hide them. Eventually it might get even harder to hide this new pro wrestling company no matter what WWE program you’re watching because fans still have the power to wear whatever they want to the show.

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