Triple H Confirms WWE Is Watching All Elite Wrestling

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All Elite Wrestling has all the possibility in the world to become a big player in the pro wrestling world. They are backed by a family with more money than the McMahons and they could bring in a lot of top-dollar contracts. However, they are still in the infant stages without having one official show yet.

Triple H was asked about AEW during a recent conference call where he confirmed that WWE is monitoring the situation. As things develop, it seems like WWE is considering AEW competition.

“Something we’ll keep an eye on. We’ll do what’s right for us, our fanbase…we’ll continue to monitor everything. When you’re a content provider, we compete against everything. We’ll continue to do what’s best for business for WWE.”

All Elite Wrestling is said to have a couple of good television contracts in the works. Therefore, they will likely have a television show eventually. You never know what Triple H means by “we’ll do what’s right for us,” but it looks like AEW is an enemy of WWE even if Cody Rhodes said they just want to be an alternative.

Thanks to Wrestling Observer for the quotes

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