Triple H Taking Blame From Vince McMahon For Lars Sullivan’s Anxiety Attack

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Lars Sullivan didn’t appear at RAW or SmackDown Live as scheduled. After going home to Colorado early, Sullivan ghosted WWE as well except for one communication. After that, Sullivan missed other events over the weekend.

According to Rajah, Vince McMahon isn’t happy with Triple H at all about Lars Sullivan’s recent circumstance. It is said that since Triple H was a strong advocate of Sullivan’s that the heat is falling on him.

Triple H pushed for Lars Sullivan’s call-up to the main roster as well and Vince McMahon is said to be “extremely unhappy at this turn of events.”

We will keep you posted if anything else breaks in this on-going story. This could be why Triple H didn’t want to answer a question about Vince McMahon recently. It could also put huge WrestleMania plans at risk as well.

If WWE History has told us anything when Vince McMahon isn’t happy then very bad things can happen. We will just have to wait and see if Sullivan gets edited out of the “coming soon” video package this week on RAW because WWE isn’t afraid to edit someone out of a video on short notice.

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