Big Rumored Matches For WrestleMania 35

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WrestleMania 35 is going to be WWE’s biggest event of the year which is the custom for WrestleMania shows. However, they need to book a card that is worthy of the reputation WrestleMania brings to the table.

We have previously provided all the rumored matches and we encourage you to check it out to get caught up.

As WWE continues, the WrestleMania card seems to evolve as well. We have some exciting new rumors that have popped up in recent weeks regarding WWE’s plans for the huge event at MetLife Stadium.

Joe Peisich of Barnburner reported that WWE is considering Dean Ambrose vs EC3 at the big show in MetLife Stadium. If the company went this direction then it would be a great sign that they have trust in EC3 because Ambrose is a former WWE Champion coming off of a highlighted feud.

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles will be defended at WrestleMania instead of crowned. It turns out that WWE wanted to get the titles on their champions at Elimination Chamber instead. This could set up a return for Trish Stratus and Lita to face the champions to fulfill a very long story for Team Bestie.

Lars Sullivan had what is believed to be an anxiety attack so he didn’t debut on Raw as scheduled. This not only means that his WrestleMania match with John Cena could be up in the air, but plenty of other Superstars would be more than happy to take his place. Velveteen Dream seems like a great option, but that would require his main roster call-up first and it’s unlikely that could happen in time.

Joe Peisich of Barnburner also stated that WWE was considering AJ Styles vs Randy Orton for the big event. WWE had plans to do this match before, but they held back on it. Now it seems like it could be a great opportunity for these two to have a big match.

We will keep you updated here at Ringside News on any new events that might change the WrestleMania card as it continues to take shape.

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