All Elite Wrestling Has Reportedly Made A Call To CM Punk

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All Elite Wrestling is picking up a lot of steam and there are big rumors of people who might be coming into the company. AEW is also rumored to have great television deals in negotiation as well.

CM Punk is still a UFC fighter, although Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that he doubts UFC will ever use him again. There is always a chance that he could be used on commentary, however, Punk doesn’t seem ready to make any kind of return to the professional wrestling business right now.

“CM Punk does not seem like he wants to do anything with pro wrestling. He has plenty of opportunities. I know he hates WWE and he has every right to after that lawsuit. That doesn’t mean he should hate New Japan and AEW and all that.”

“The reality is he’s still under contract with UFC somehow even though they’ll never use him again, but you know he doesn’t seem to want to be around wrestling. If he doesn’t, more power to him. If he wants to be around wrestling he can call them. They’ve already called him, I know that. He just doesn’t want to be around wrestling.”

You never know what could happen when it comes to CM Punk. He has made a career keeping fans guessing about his next move. At this time, he doesn’t seem keen to step back into the professional wrestling ring or even be around the business.

With CM Punk’s commentary career getting off the ground, it could always be possible that he might become the best color commentator in the business. However, he needs to get over some very understandable sour grapes first.

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