CM Punk is in an on-going court case with WWE’s doctor Chris Amann and it is a very interesting case, to say the least.

But as Dave Meltzer broke down the case during Wrestling Observer Radio he revealed a couple interesting aspects to the case

“I haven’t seen any smoking gun with Amann where I read what it is and I say, ‘okay he’s got something here. I’m not saying he doesn’t because the trial’s still ongoing and nobody knows the truth except for a few people and the real truth is Punk obviously is either going to have a medical diagnosis of treatment of a MRSA staph infection and some sort of proof of that lump he’s talking about and if he does then I don’t know that’s it, that’s the case and if he doesn’t that’s a bad thing.”

“So that’s what we’re waiting for that’s why I can’t believe it went to trial because if he had no evidence if he had no medical evidence of all this stuff you don’t want to go in front of a jury because they could get pissed at you for lying.”

Then Meltzer began to discuss a possible reason why this trial would go to trial even if CM Punk had the proof required to make this an open and shut case. He sounded pretty certain about this theory as he continued speaking on the matter. In the end, it might all come down to WWE wanting a return of CM Punk even if it happens because he has no other option.

“You have all why would you do it– I mean I know why I know why the trial would be ongoing if there’s a rich backer who’s funding it and he wants to make Punk’s life miserable for revenge. If that is the case then perhaps that’s why and just have him spend a lot of money. Because remember the more money he spends the less money he had and the less money he has the more likely he is to have to come back. That’s the reality he’s not going to be a UFC fighter much longer he’s too old and he’s not good enough.”

“He’s going to make a decent payday but I don’t think he’s going to make anything near this fight as he did the first fight because I do not see his name as having that same drawing power at all. I don’t see it, I don’t feel it, and god only knows this is the worst week for this lawsuit to be going on he needs to be in that gym. He needs to be in court.”

It might be a noteworthy strategy but this is just Dave Meltzer’s opinion. However, his insight might not need to be overlooked in this instance. Only time will tell how things turn out in this case, but we could always see CM Punk’s WWE return. After all, crazier things have happened before in WWE.

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