Renee Young Reveals Pet Name She Has For Dean Ambrose

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Dean Ambrose and Renee Young are a real-life married couple in WWE. They are not alone though because WWE has plenty of famous couples.

We don’t know much about Dean Ambrose and Renee Young’s relationship other than the fact that The Moral Compass will do anything to save his wife’s cell phone. However, Young did reveal on Regular Girls that she does have a certain term for Ambrose (and the dogs) that she uses quite often.

“I’ll mostly just call Jon [Dean Ambrose] ‘Jon’ or ‘husband.’ I’ll just call him husband.”

“We’ve never been like, it’s funny because I have like way more baby-terms for the dogs than I do for Jon. Yeah like I will call the dog like, actually I call them all sweet like ‘Sweet Husband, Sweet Dog.’ I call everything sweet.”

“Yeah, god I feel like I’m divulging way too much about myself right now, bleh.”

Young is “not a babe person” when it comes to pet names, so she usually just refers to Ambrose as “husband.” However, there are times that she does switch it up to add a little “sweet” in front of his usual title. She will also refer to her dogs and Ambrose as her “sweet boys” as well which is just great to know.

One thing she never calls Dean Ambrose is ‘Jonathan.’

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