Dean Ambrose Saves Renee Young’s Cell Phone During WWE RAW

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Dean Ambrose might be ruthless in the ring, but even when he’s working hard in a match, he’s still a husband.

Renee Young and Dean Ambrose are a WWE couple that has been able to make things work. The two are happily married and Young has commented about how great of a guy Ambrose is. Now we have proof!

During the recent falls count anywhere match on RAW against Seth Rollins, the two competitors made their way up to the announce table. This is when there was a table spot where it broke into pieces. Ambrose saw his wife’s phone and knew what he had to do.

With a flick of the wrist, he popped the cell phone up to Michael Cole. Then Cole waved the phone down to Renee so she could see her cell was safe and sound.

It was a pretty cool moment and luckily, it was also captured on video.

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