Corey Graves Teases Renee Young For Showing Her Husband Dean Ambrose Favoritism

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Renee Young and Dean Ambrose are one of many WWE couples that have been able to make it work. As Ambrose carries on in his heel ways as The Moral Compass, Renee Young is still an announcer on commentary every week.

One fan recently came down on Renee for showing her hubby favoritism so she replied using emojis. Corey Graves saw this and thought he would push his broadcast colleague a little for more of a response.

“Yeah @ReneeYoungWWE, listen to the people. Call it right down the middle…like me!”

Renee Young had her own reply to Graves, as she borrowed from one of his most popular phrases.

“Lol to quote ‘Shut up Graves'”

It seems like Renee Young isn’t going to listen to Corey Graves or anyone else for that matter. She will continue to call her husband’s matches the way she needs to.

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