Chris Jericho isn’t interested in becoming a nostalgia act. He is still a top guy and when he signed with All Elite Wrestling, it rocked the professional wrestling world. He was recently in talks with WWE as well and this decision from Y2J caused them to remove him from their opening video package.

It’s been a long road for Jericho that brought him to All Elite Wrestling. He has long-term deal now with another North American professional wrestling company to compete with Vince McMahon which is something he said that he would never do.

Jericho discussed the thinking that brought him to AEW during Busted Open Radio. It was more about being himself and forging a new path as he has already done several times before. The sad thing to Y2J is the fact that so many others seem to be burdened with the fact that they can’t take the same kind of chances in their own careers.

“You know it’s really strange. I’m gonna talk about this on Talk Is Jericho next week. I’m sitting here and analyzing the last two and a half years. The journey and the path that led to this.”


“I guess it is kind of doing this my way and not being afraid to try different things and not being afraid of change I guess which I think is the number one enemy of guys in this job, being scared to take a chance and try something new and do something different. Whether that be a gimmick you do in the ring or a different kind of match or signing with a different company. So I guess all signs point in that direction so you’re kinda right on that, Confucius Dudley.”

Chris Jericho is not afraid of change much like he’s not afraid of spearing guy trying to get onto Fozzy’s tour bus. This is something that has helped bring him a lot of success.

Only time will tell whether Jericho’s jump to AEW will encourage other WWE Superstars to do the same. AEW is still going to be looking at that talent pool closely as their contracts run up. If anything, this was another amazing chapter in Chris Jericho’s career that could result in few more books to write when all is said and done.

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