Reason Why Asuka vs Becky Lynch Was Pulled From WWE Royal Rumble

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Asuka and Becky Lynch were set to face each other for the SmackDown Women’s Title at the Royal Rumble according to an announcement made on Main Event of all places. Then the match was pulled. Becky Lynch had her own idea about what was going on, but now we might have an idea about WWE’s reasoning.

John Pollock of Post Wrestling reports that the plan was for the match to be announced on SmackDown Live last week. However, those plans changed. After that, the plan was to re-evaluate the match. There is also a chance that it may not happen at all.

Pollock wrote on Twitter:

“Asuka vs Becky Lynch at the Rumble was the plan and was going to be announced on SmackDown. It was decided Tuesday that the Rumble card would be re-evaluated and the match may or may not happen, but the studio had the old information and used it for Main Event this week”

When this match was initially called off, our timeline was full of readers speculating that WWE is setting Becky Lynch up for a Royal Rumble match win. While that might be that case, nothing has been reported to really give a ton of hope in that direction. In fact, it might be the opposite.

For whatever reason, WWE changed their minds which is something that has been happening more and more often recently. Welcome to the New Era.


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