Paige’s Possible New Roles In WWE

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Paige was written out of SmackDown Live this week as she was removed from the General Manager position. The McMahons are running things now as part of this New Era.

We had an idea it was happening, but it still really stung when Shane McMahon nonchalantly referenced Paige as the “former SmackDown General Manager.” She did a great job by most accounts and WWE needs to keep using her in the best way possible. Unfortunately, some agree that the best way to use Paige was as GM of the blue brand.

Mike Johnson noted on PW Insider Elite audio that at 26-years-old, Paige is not getting back in the ring. She suffered the same type of injury as Edge that ended his career far too soon as well. Spinal stenosis can result in life-threatening results if not taken seriously.

WWE needs to keep Paige around if only for the fact that a film about her life produced by Seven Bucks Productions and WWE Studios is coming out next year. They will need to keep her around to help promote Fighting With My Family.

There are several ways that WWE could use Paige and Johnson listed six plausible new roles for the first-ever NXT Women’s Champion.


1) General Manager Of 205 Live

Drake Maverick is being used too much and it’s starting to conflict with his heat as AOP’s manager. He is also the GM of 205 Live and those two roles don’t mix.

It’s almost like he’s playing a cut to the chase authority figure on 205 Live and then he’s peeing on Bobby Roode’s robe on Raw. This doesn’t compute and hasn’t made sense to fans for a while.

Since 205 Live is apparently not being affected by this New Era apart from losing Mustafa Ali, they need a General Manager.

Putting Paige on 205 Live would not only keep her on television (at least the WWE Network) but it would also draw a heck of a lot more eyes to the show just because of the people who would tune in because they love Paige. It might also be fun to see Paige interacting with Maria Kanellis who at this point is the only female on 205 Live.

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