Paige Reacts To The McMahon’s Promise To Change WWE SmackDown Live

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Vince McMahon came out on RAW this week and then he brought down the rest of the McMahon Clan. This group included SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon.

Shane said that SmackDown Live was going to change as well along with RAW. This caused Paige to simply reply saying: “Oh?” on Twitter. She was apparently watching the show along with the rest of us.

There was a promise for more opportunities, but Paige wonders what this will mean for her. She is currently the General Manager of SmackDown Live. Therefore, if the McMahons are taking over then that means she might not be needed.

We’ll just have to tune into SmackDown Live to see what happens. Hopefully, there will be room for Paige in the “New Era.”

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