Paige Got Emotional In Public When Watching “Fighting With My Family” Movie Trailer

Paige’s life is so inspiring that WWE Studios and Dwayne Johnson’s production company Seven Bucks Productions decided that her famous pro wrestling family needed a major motion picture. Fighting With My Family is coming soon and you can check out the trailer here.

It’s probably surreal to see a movie based on your own life, especially when you’re not even 30-years-old yet. But it’s happening for Paige and she can’t wait until March 1st when the film is released to coincide with WrestleMania season.

If you’ve seen the trailer already then you probably remember where you were when you saw it because it was just released today. But for Paige, she was in the middle of LAX airport and she said she was crying her eyes out.

A lot of work went into making this movie a possibility, but Paige and her family had to live it in order to make it happen. Let’s just hope the finished product is able to do their story justice, but judging by the people involved, it’s likely to be a smashing success.