Lars Sullivan Shows Off Ridiculous Feat Of Strength & Balance In The Gym

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Lars Sullivan is on his way to WWE and he will be a huge threat to anyone who opposes him. He could be the answer to a lot of WWE’s problems which might be why Vince McMahon couldn’t wait to air his promo packages and call him up to the main roster.

He has no trouble throwing guys around in the ring. He also has no issue stating his opinions on bodybuilding message boards.

The Freak recently posted a video on Instagram showing him standing up from a laying down position while keeping some weights above his head. It might not look like much, but he makes it look easy. It takes an incredible amount of strength and balance to pull that kind of thing off. If you factor in how much weight he’s lifting, it makes the feat even more unbelievable.

Needless to say, if Lars Sullivan gets a ton of attention once he debuts on the WWE main roster he totally deserves it with this kind of ability. It’s going to be very fun to see what he will be able to do.


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